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Anxiety Therapist

In the same way as our physical bodies need cleansing just by the nature of existence, so do our thoughts and feelings..

Anxiety is generally a symptom of the traumas that we've suffered and the fears that we carry and by cleansing how we feel about these things we clear the anxiety.



My name's James Robinson and I use a combination Energy Psychology techniques; EFT, Optimal EFT and Matrix Reimprinting in my work as an online anxiety therapist.


It's my belief that our natural state of being is that of peace and good health. 


Just as the Sun is always present but often hidden behind clouds, so is the innate state of peace within us and the ability for our bodies to heal.

We all form metaphorical clouds in our energy systems when we have emotional reactions to stress, trauma and fears.

These clouds can be ever present and increasingly detrimental to our physical, mental and emotional health leading us incrementally towards a constant state of anxiety if they are not released by some means.

This collection of emotional reactions can start from in the womb and sometimes even before hand. We are all affected by our environment, the people and events around us and the stress and traumas of existence.

The weight of these accumulated emotional reactions pull us down like a heavy load and consequentially break down the otherwise harmonious functioning of our energetic systems causing anxiety, poor health, disease, pain, unhappiness, fear etc.

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"I can't even start to explain how good i feel right now!
this is the first time in 7 years that I feel happy!
this was an amazing experience which i will recommend to family and friends"

Jakub Levine, UK

How I Can Help You


15 min Zoom Consultation

Opportunity to connect, discuss, ask questions with no obligation to book a follow up appointment

single Session

1 hr  Zoom Session


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